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  • Nick Hoover

    Gary built me a custom 9′ 5 weight SAGE Z-Axis that I love. The rod casts line like no other rod I’ve ever owned. I had Gary personalize the message on my rod truly making it a family heirloom. Keep up the good work Gary.

  • Tom Sund

    Over the years I have purchased a variety of outdoor gear but nothing custom made for me. Gary Barnhart has done just that by putting together a stunning fly rod and reel that is designed to meet my specific fly fishing needs, and it was done with the expertise and beauty of fine art! My rod is a 9’ 5 wt. IM6 Graphite rod in matte charcoal with a pheasant feather inlay, as well as my name embossed on the rod and gold thread wraps. Gary matched the fly rod with a Ross Evolution LT #2 reel that has such a great feel. I cannot say enough about what a treat the whole process has been and what a class act of a person Gary is to work with. He is not only an amazing craftsman, but the consummate gentleman. You owe it to yourself to purchase one of Gary’s amazing fly rods!

  • Dan ‘Woody’ Henderson

    Back in 1992 I purchased my first $100 fly fishing rod from Cabela’s, and for several years I fished many streams and rivers catching and releasing a fair variety of fish, Browns, Rainbows, you name. It wasn’t until recently when I met Gary Barnhart of Beaverbuilt Rods after upgrading my old trusty rod for one of Gary’s Backpacker Fly Rod setups did I realize what I had been missing all those years. The action and sensitivity is amazing. The pure quality of workmanship and customer service was beyond my expectations. Hands down I would recommend my friends and family to seek out one of Gary’s custom fly rod setups. On a personal note, since I ride a motorcycle the Backpacker setup was perfect. With the ability to switch between two different length rods all in one small enough package that I can take it with me on my bike is invaluable. Large kudos to Gary for building such a diverse rod setup. Give Gary a call, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Ed Rolka

    I’m writing this Testimonial ‘in Memorium’ for my 30 year Pennsylvania friend & fly fishing pal Ed Rolka who passed away in 2013. Ed owned 3 BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rods including the Backpacker which he used all over the USA when he traveled on business. Ed was a production fly tier for 70yrs and invented the case caddis nymph called the ‘Breadcrust’ tied w’ Ruffed Grouse tail stems. One year before he died Ed spent 26 weeks w’ me teaching me how to tie flies along w’ a few of his 70yr secrets! Ed introduced me to Alaska fly fishing back in 1996 and Bonefishing that same year. I know he’s in Heaven sitting at a tying bench.

  • Brent Salvig

    Thanks again for building rods for the Trout Extravaganza raffle!! I had the chance to use the 9FT 3WT IM6 graphite rod this past weekend on the Caney Fork River here in Tennessee. The rod worked beautifully to land the rainbow trout in the picture on the link below. It took me for a couple of runs around the drifter, but the rod was very responsive without putting too much pressure on the fish. And I had no problem casting the distances I needed and getting the flies there accurately.

  • Jeff Dragos

    I have three Beaverbuilt rods in my quiver. The 10 foot, 5 weight, Thomas and Thomas is my go to rod for fishing bigger water here in Colorado. The upsized guides that Beaverbuilt incorporates into all their rods really adds to the rod, in that casting is almost effortless. I recently attended a trout fishing event in Colorado during which 30 guys participate in a casting contest. With this rod I was able to take the title of “Overall Champion”. Here is a photo of me with a nice rainbow I landed with this rod.

    All of my Beaverbuilt rods have the optional screw-in fighting butt. This is a great feature I highly recommend. I have two size fighting buts that I use regularly, with the large one being ideal for fighting big fish. I used this rod on my trip to Kamchatcha in 2004, and was able to land some monsters with no trouble. With a 10 foot rod one needs to keep in mind that a 5 weight fishes more like a 6 or 7 weight, 9 foot rod.

  • Mark Schickner

    BEAVERBUILT rods are special! The craftsmanship and quality of materials is unmatched by any manufactured rod. I own two BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rods. My SLT 9’ 5 weight 5 piece goes with me everywhere. The high end fit and finish is truly exceptional. I love the feel of this rod and use it for both nymphing and dry fly. I will admit that these Sage blanks seem to suit my casting motion better for drys and dry dropper rigs. My Z-Axis 9’ 8 weight 4 piece is outstanding in the salt. It has proven to be my favorite rod for bone fish in Mexico.

  • Kevin Kellogg

    I have used Beaverbuilt fly rods for over twenty years, personally and in my guiding business.  From Alaskan rainbows on a mouse fly to nymph fishing in Colorado, to Zambezi Tigerfish in Africa, they are the best fly rods I have ever used.  Superior to factory rods in finish and construction, Gary’s customer service is also second to none.   If you want a fly rod that will be a companion for life, then contact Gary before buying anything else.

  • Chuck Barnhart

    Since 1994 I’ve really enjoyed using the BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rods…I own several!! They are of superior craftsmanship and quality and the performance & aesthetic enhancements make them far superior to a mass produced factory fly rod. I can always count on them to perform for me on rivers, streams, and lakes that I fish…and the Pheasant Feather Inlay gives the rod a very unique character. Simply the best!

  • Norm Newton

    I’m writing this Testimonial ‘in Memorium’ for my 25 year friend & fly fishing pal Norm Newton who passed away a few years ago. Norm was a great friend and owned 2 BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rods. In Alaska fishing together, and after landing a 24″ Rainbow, he commented that he needed me to build him another rod big enough for those ‘slabs’ in Alaska…..I guess that statement speaks for itself. Ole’ Norm went to be with the Lord before I built that 3rd BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rod. I know he’s still on the river.

  • Rick Kellogg

    I have been a customer of “The Beav” since 1993 and have purchased several rods over the years. My favorite is a Sage ten foot, two piece, #5 nymphing rod which I use many times each year. I depend upon the quality and accuracy which Beaverbuilt rods display. Only the best blanks and hardware are employed and the beauty of the personalized final product is unsurpassed. Many of my fly-fishing buddies have also become customers and are extremely satisfied with the choice of Beaverbuilt.

  • Mark Gregory

    I have really enjoyed fishing with my beaverbuilt rod this summer. Gary was able to customize the rod to my specifications and the feel is unlike any rod I have ever owned. The modifications Gary makes really add to the performance of the rod. I feel like I can cast to specific spots better than ever before.

  • Chris Cowan

    Gary at Beaverbuilt Custom Rods is a rock star. He was able to perform magic on a Winston rod that was in need of major repair. Not only was he able to fix the mistakes made by another custom rod builder but also improve on the functionality and design. Gary’s quality and integrity are unmatched and his basis of rod building knowledge is greater than most manufacturers. Gary really delivered, restoring and improving the rod in a timeframe shorter than anticipated. I look forward to my next BeaverBuilt Custom Rod.