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My Story

BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rods was conceived over 30 years ago during many adventure backpacking and bush plane trips to dozens of remote locations fly fishing the high alpine lakes, outlet streams, and beaver ponds. Immediately I began to observe the structures created by the classic American Beaver and began to admire the critters for their incredible feats of architectural and engineering handiwork… and their fastidious “attention to detail and consistent process”. Many Beaver Dams I saw were over 12′ in height! Attention to detail, quality materials, sequential order of assembly, and consistent handcrafted process are the primary standards and characteristics that I implement for every BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rod.

During the dozens of adventure backpacking and bush plane trips I’ve been physically blessed to do in such places as New Zealand, Mexico, Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Pennsylvania I quickly began to “redesign & physically modify” the factory mass produced fly rods I was using. As I cast to, hooked up to, fought and landed many species of fish I found the need for different and yes, “custom” features that no factory rod had. I.e. a different shape cork grip, a threaded removable fighting butt to ergonomically fight the “big ones” more comfortably, an oversized tip-top so the line knots would slide through more smoothly, a correctly located spline so the rod would cast true and accurate, modified guide size & spacing to shoot line farther and faster, an up or down locking reel seat depending on line weight, an all metal reel seat for saltwater and/or tropical environments that swell and crack many freshwater wood inserts, etc! You get the picture, I wanted to change literally everything about the standard factory mass produced fly rods I was using 30+ years ago.

Hence, the formation of BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rods to share all these “custom fly rod features” with as many other fly fisher men/women that I can!