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I have always felt that it is essential to have Phone and/or Email communication with every new or repeat customer to effectively determine all the elements of your BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rod prior to placing an order.(see Contact page)
If you wish to place an order, I will need your Full Name, Street Address, Phone Number, and Email Address.
Once we have determined ALL of the elements of your Beaverbuilt Custom Fly Rod (blank, rod model, and component selections) through Phone and/or Email communication, I will fill out an Order Form and send you an Invoice to be paid through PayPal, or I will email you an Order Confirmation and you can mail me a Certified Check made out to ‘Gary S. Barnhart’. Once I receive your payment, I will get you in the queue and stage all of the components for your BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rod. Typically the turnaround time is approximately 6-8 weeks+/- after I receive the blank and all the components. Based on other rod orders in the queue, an estimate of your delivery date can be determined when your order is placed.


BEAVERBUILT charges a per-guide cost + all shipping/manufacturer handling charges to rebuild/replace a broken rod section. We will honor the rod blank manufacturer’s warranty on the blank section from breakage while fishing… any non-fishing breakage due to your wonderful canine companion, your car door, a tree or shrub, your foot, or any other non-fishing is not covered under any warranty… sorry.

If you break a rod section, on any BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rod, please return the entire rod and all broken pieces to the address on our Contact page. We will then forward on to the manufacturer to be analyzed as to how it was broken and be fitted with a replacement blank section.

Typically the cost of a rebuild/replacement of a broken rod section is proportional to the original cost and number of sections of the original rod. i.e.: 35%/section for a 3 piece rod, 25%/section for a 4 piece rod, 50%/section for a 2 piece rod, 20%/section for 5-6-7 piece rods and so on. Butt sections are sometimes more than these percentages due to the higher cost of cork grip and reel seat replacement.

BEAVERBUILT does not offer 2 piece rods, however, we can special order them upon request.