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FAQ Answers

a. What length & line weight should I fish with?

Fly rod length & line weight is a function of several factors and simple preference depending on the type of fishing and specie of fish you’re seeking. Longer rods are generally preferred for use from a float tube, canoe, nymphing, fishing larger rivers, and spey casting. Shorter rods are generally preferred for use wade fishing smaller streams/beaver ponds with tight casting conditions, dry fly casting to smaller fish, and when ultralight fishing tackle is desired. Line weight is proportional to the size of fish you’re seeking and/or the size of flies you will be casting.
If you only have ONE fly rod, I highly suggest it be a 9′  5weight  4piece!! This is the ‘work horse’ of the fly rod industry that will allow you to cast to and catch fish anywhere in North America. However, if you’re like most fly fisher men/women you’ll begin to acquire a ‘quiver’ of fly rods for use in seeking the plethora of varied fish species and conditions that you will encounter during your travels with a fly rod.

b. What reel seat should I go with?  …up or down locking?   …all aluminum or wood insert?

Reel seat selection, whether it’s up or down locking, all aluminum, or has a wood insert, is a function of several factors and simple preference. Up or down locking and/or a wood insert is mostly personal preference from 5wt. and lower…..6wt. and higher I always suggest using an up locking reel seat to accommodate a threaded removable fighting butt for increased ergonomic comfort when fighting larger fish for longer periods of time. I also always suggest that 6wt. rods and higher utilize an all metal reel seat for long term durability especially if the rod will ever be used in a salt water application. On several occasions I have seen wood inserts swell & split when used in a humid tropical climate in saltwater conditions.

c. What shape cork grip functions best for the type of fishing I will be doing?
Cork grip selection is a function of what fits your hand the best or rod line weight and where you need thumb/butt of hand support while casting. Generally Reverse Half Wells (tapered in front & flared in back) and Cigar (tapered in front & back) are used on 5wt. and lower rods…..6wt. and higher I always suggest using a Full Wells (flared in front & back) for the best thumb/butt of hand support when fighting larger fish.

d. What color thread wraps can I have on my rod?
A rainbow of color choices are available to have on your new BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rod. I will discuss your options and will suggest the best color to coordinate with the colors of the rod blank and the other components.

e. What model rods come with a threaded-removable fighting butt?
See answer to question B. above.

f. What can I have written in the inscription area of the butt section?

Any name, 1-5 word phrase or slogan, quote, business name, or organization. Generally customers have their name inscribed on their rods or a short phrase to commemorate a special occasion like birthdays & anniversaries. I use either decal or hand written text for the rod inscriptions.

g. What are the differences in a freshwater rod and a saltwater rod?

Generally you can easily use an all around freshwater rod, say an 8wt., for occasional saltwater use. However, if you fish saltwater frequently, you should consider a specialty saltwater rod which is designed with faster actions and tapers specific to saltwater longer casting and landing conditions.

h. What is the Warranty I will get with a BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rod?

Warranty:  BEAVERBUILT charges a per-guide cost + all shipping/manufacturer handling charges to rebuild/replace a broken rod section. We will honor the rod blank manufacturer’s warranty on the blank section from breakage while FISHING…any NON-FISHING breakage due to your wonderful canine companion, your car door, a tree or shrub, your foot, or any other non-fishing reason is Not covered under any warranty…sorry.

If you break a rod section on any BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rod, please return the entire rod and ALL broken pieces to the address on our Contact page. We will then forward on to the manufacturer to be analyzed as to how it was broken and be fitted with a replacement blank section.

Typically the cost of a rebuild/replacement of a broken rod section is proportional to the original cost and number of sections of the original rod.    ie: 35%/section for a 3 piece rod, 25%/section for a 4 piece rod, 50%/section for a 2 piece rod 20%/section for 5-6-7 piece rods and so on. Butt sections are sometimes more than these percentages due to the higher cost of cork grip and reel seat replacement.

BEAVERBUILT does not offer 2 piece fly rods, however, we can special order them upon request.