The Backpacker by BEAVERBUILT is a very unique and functional one-of-a-kind custom fly rod design offered in 4 different models made from our proven IM6 Blended Graphite. The bottom line...2 fly rods and a single tip all in a 21" tube! The Backpacker by BEAVERBUILT was designed over 30 years ago during many adventure backpacking and bush plane trips to dozens of remote locations for light-medium fly fishing at the high alpine lakes, outlet streams, and Beaver Ponds. I realized a need for 2 different fly rod lengths when fishing the high country...a longer rod for fishing/casting in the larger lakes, and a shorter rod for fishing/casting in the outlet streams & Beaver ponds. The Backpacker by BEAVERBUILT was born! See the adjacent Slideshow & Price List to select your custom Backpacker by BEAVERBUILT fly rod today! BEST DEAL!!!.....Pair your custom Backpacker by BEAVERBUILT with a new ROSS Reel in a Rod-Reel-Line Combo Package for optimal Savings! Buy Now
Model Line Weight Length Sections Weight (oz) Action Custom Rod Price
Backpacker 1 4-5 wt. 7' / 8'6" Gloss Dark Burgundy 5 / 6pc. 2.6-3.8 Medium Fast $595 - $695
Backpacker 2 4-5 wt. 7' 9" / 9' Gloss Dark Burgundy 6 / 7pc. 2.6-3.8 Med Fast $595 - $695
Backpacker 3 4-5 wt. 7'9" / 9' Gloss Dark Burgundy / Gloss Retro Yellow 6 / 7pc. 2.6-3.8 Medium Fast $595 - $695
Backpacker 4 5-6 wt. 7'9" / 9' Gloss Retro Yellow 6 / 7pc. 2.6-3.8 Medium Fast $595 - $695

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Base Models with black aluminium reel seats - $595 Premium Models with upgraded reel seats and components - $695 *Pricing includes: Custom Upcharge, Rod Tube, Complementary Beaverbuilt Hat *Pricing does not include: Sales Tax, Insured Shipping, Pheasant Feather Inlays ($35ea.) or Titanium Components (when available) *Available Blank Colors: Gloss Dark Burgundy, BP1, BP2, BP3. Gloss Retro Yellow BP3, BP4.