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    Rod - Reel - Line Combo Deals

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    Handcrafted One Rod At A Time

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    Attention To Detail

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    Custom Fly Rods Built By Hand One At A Time

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    Choice Of Quality Rod Components & Thread Colors

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    Pheasant Feather Inlays

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    Oversized Tip-Tops On Every Rod

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    Correctly Located Rod Spline/Spine

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    Modified Guide Size & Spacing To Shoot Line Farther & Faster

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    Performance & Aesthetic Enhancements

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    Over 30 Years Building Custom Fly Rods

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    Custom Fly Rods Built Better By Design


I have always felt that the word “custom” means a product that is unique to the customer and different than those that are mass produced in a factory. Whether its a custom shotgun, custom set of golf clubs, or a special custom piece of furniture, each “custom” item is one of a kind unique to the person it’s being made for.

BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rods are simply that… “handcrafted one at a time” with “attention to detail” and “performance & aesthetic enhancements” that make every BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rod unique for the flyfisher-man/woman it’s crafted for. Correctly locating the rod spline/spine, carefully modifying the guide size & spacing, oversized tip-tops, threaded removable fighting butt, and specific cork grip & reel seat selection tailored to the customer all dramatically improve the fly rod’s performance. Personalized name or inscription in the rod signature area, selection of thread color & wraps, adding a pheasant feather inlay, and specific cork grip & reel seat selection all contribute to the enhanced aesthetics of your BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rod.

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Browse My Rods

Browse My Rods

At BEAVERBUILT we are proud to offer Ross reels, Sage and Winston blanks, and 3 of our own BEAVERBUILT IM6 Blended Graphite, The Backpacker by BEAVERBUILT, and Small Stream Fiberglass blanks. Click on this link or go to Custom Fly Rods to see each of our specific BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rod offerings… and pair it with a new ROSS Reel in a Rod-Reel-Line Combo Package for optimal savings! Other manufacturer’s blanks are available upon request on a limited/special quote basis.


My Customers Say

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    BEAVERBUILT is very proud of the fact that our customers are generated 100% the old fashioned way…by ‘word of mouth’. That means we have Happy Customers who are so satisfied with their BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rods that they refer their friends, family, and co-workers to us. Now, along with this website, we hope to develop long lasting relationships with even more satisfied customers that we would otherwise not be able to reach.

    Click here to read ‘what my customers say’ about BEAVERBUILT Custom Fly Rods!!

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